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      Hi there,


                 Can anyone pls help me out with the Evaluate() function? Thanks in advance.

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             Do you have a specific question? For general information, it's best to read the help.
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            Let say you have a text field called EnterFormula, and you enter in  3 +5 into it.

            Evaluate ( EnterFormula ) will result in 8.



            But I have to agree with Michael strongly here. You first asked about GetSummary, then Position, then Evaluate. I think that you should read the help and also just play with the functions... Itwill probably be the best way to learn them. Then if you get caught with a specific use of the function, then post back on here so that we can help you more specifically.

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              I do have a specific question about evaluate ().

              I am trying to create a Field called "Name_full" like the one that appears in the Contact Management solution. The problem is that I need a db with more fields for the name than Name_First and Name_Second. In the original db names have these fileds: "Title" "Suffix" "Name_First" "Name Middle" "Name_Last"


              FM's solution sets this formula for the original:  (Name_Full = Evaluate ( "Name_First & \" \" & Name_Last" ; [Name_First ; Name_Last] ), so it would only evaluate two fields. I have tried to modify the field "Name_Full" of the Contact Management solution, which is a calculated text field using "evaluate function" to include the other fields but I am missing something. For example, it doesn't work when I add Name_Middle like this:


              Name_Full = Evaluate ( "Name_First & \" \ " & Name_Middle & \" \" & Name_Last" ; [Name_First ; Name_Middle ; Name_Last] ))


              Can any of you help me out with this?


              Thank you





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                Try something like this instead: 


                TrimAll ( Title & " " & Name_First & " " & Name_Middle & " " & Name_Last ; 0 ; 0 )


                UPDATE: I'm blown away that FileMaker would provide such a poor calculation - using Evaluate()!!  Both Evaluate() and TrimAll() have been around since vs. 7 so we can't even forgive them attempting to remain backward compatible.  They really need to hire some real developers to forumulate their calculations and solutions.  :smileyindifferent: