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Evaluating File Maker

Question asked by LaughingSam on Mar 26, 2009
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Evaluating File Maker




Thinking of migrating to File Maker and playing with the evaluation version(on Win platform at the office; 50-60 potential  users, Apple Mac - not yet fired up - at home) so have 22 days left to decide


Hope you can help with some initial questions...



  1. I've played about with designing a portal with alternating rows but these change to battleship grey when editing. Is there a workaround, as visually this is a bit offputting?
  2. Radio buttons and check boxes are also a bit old school (lacking in 3d and I like a tick rather than a cross - just like the one you see below this edit box saying "E-mail me when someone replies"). Is there a fix or a workaround? (i've seen tick boxes on some of the demos). Ideally I would like up to a 3- state check box with a tick for yes, an x for no and blank for indeterminate. If not available can I design and implement these myself without too much pain?
  3. I used Access many moons ago, but gave up on it as on anything over 5-10 users got very slow. Will FileMaker (using the server version) and with 50-60 users suffer from the same limitations - or will it be blindingly fast! Our current system has 300 tables some of which already have 200,000 to 300,000 records. I've read about a 40-50 open file limitation in Windows (120 on Macs) is this a real world limitation?
  4. Can File Maker create temporary tables in memory if speed is an issue? Example:- in our current database (freight Company) we might get a request for a quote and have 200 - 300,000 locations around the world. In practice we find that once we ask the Client what country he is shipping to/from then we create a temporary file to populate a list box showing the user only a subset of destinations in that country
  5. Can we implement drag and drop. i.e. a picture/icon of a truck and a corresponding box representing our warehouse witth the contents shown for the area the tuck is heading for and move individual loads using 'drag and drop' paradigm between the warehouse and the lorry to achieve the best mix of packages/weights/volume/revenue?


  1. If I develop on the Mac at home is this work 100% compatible when I bring it in to the Office (win) system (and vice versa)

Sorry for the long list, would dearly love to hear the feedback on some of these