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Evaluating Filemaker Pro for my needs

Question asked by gadgegal on Aug 27, 2012
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Evaluating Filemaker Pro for my needs


This is a pretty open question, but hoping for some general advice.  I am a national sales manager currently monitoring sales leads from hundreds of sales reps across the country.  Currently my process is to download the opportunities out of our CRM tool into an excel spreadsheet and manually adjust the informtion for just what I need.  It is a slow process, obviously with many repetetive steps.  Each opportunity has a unique ID associated with it along with sales rep, location, sales volume potential and numerous other factors.  From this I generate an overall sales pipeline.  I have absolutely no experience with a database program, thus my use of excel.  I keep going back to the Filemaker website and try and make the decision whether to start using Filemaker for this.  It seems, fairly friendly, but obviously will be a steep learning curve for me.  I plan on taking some of the online coursed to assist.  My company is a windows based company and none of my colleagues have Filemaker, however I could readily convey the information back to an Excel format.  My question is this:  From the perspective of those that use this program, will this be a good use of my time to learn the program.  In other words, once I get things set up properly, and learn the program, is it your opinion that I will save time over currently using Excel as my database management? Thanks ahead, and hope this is not too general a question for response.