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Evaluating FM - Invoice Line Item

Question asked by GeorgeTai on Jan 19, 2015
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Evaluating FM - Invoice Line Item


I am evaluating FM and wanted to know if FM is able to solve my problem as below:

My invoice line items consist of multiple unit of measurement with various pricing.  I need to make sure that once the user selects the Item, the descriptions will be shown in the second column, and the next column will display a dropdown of UOM (unit of measurement in piece, unit, box etc..) per the itemcode that is selected and pre-configured in the database.  Each unit of measurement will have a different pricing.  Once the user selects the particular UOM, then the pricing of the item by that particular UOM will be populated to the respective UnitPrice column.

In summary:

1.) User selects ItemCode from Dropdown

2.) Descriptions of the Item is shown in the 2nd Column

3.) A dropdown of UOM by the respective ItemCode is shown in the 3rd column

4.) Upon selecting the UOM, the UnitPrice of the paritcular UOM is displayed in the 4th column.


Your response to my question will allow me to decide whether to GO or NOT with File Maker!!