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Event cross-reference

Question asked by symbister on May 12, 2010
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Event cross-reference


OK, so fairly new to FMP, on Mac with FMP 8.5..


I have a database of contacts and we frequently invite them to certain events, and I'd like to include in their record whether they were invited, whether they RSVP'd and whether they attended. (controlled as checkboxes or radio buttons)


Thing is, there could be 150 contacts invited to Event A, or some of those, plus others could be invited to Event B...yet another different or overlapping subset to Event C, etc.


I realise that I need a related table of Events, but how do i link them..? via a sub-table?


The operator should be able to select the contacts to be invited to Event A by finding the records in the normal way, then these ID's are exported to a sub-table(script, I'm guessing), linking them to that event, then when the contact responds, a portal(?) on their record lists the event and their response. Is this possible?


any help appreciated