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Event Management - Problems

Question asked by Dubs on Jan 14, 2010
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Event Management - Problems


1.) I am fairly new to Filemaker Pro and am using Filemaker Pro 7

2.) I am on a PC


I have created a database to contain 4 tables


Organisation - Venue - Event - Contacts


Likewise I have created 4 layouts each the same as above


I have then created 4 unique ID's fields for each, ie Organisation ID, Event ID etc to try and link them


Now I can display 1 event  under the contact by matching the event ID but there can be more than one event relating to the contact so how do i display the other event/s?


On the contacts layout I am trying to display all of the events relating to that contact but, I can't. Each event has a unique EVENT ID but how can i display the multiple events to the one contact, on the Contacts Layout?

Forgive me if I have explained this poorly and feel free to ask any questions.