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Event management - template enhancement

Question asked by JonXS on Jun 27, 2012
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Event management - template enhancement


I am building an event management solution. I have found it simpler to start from scratch and use parts of the Filemaker events template, rather than try to modify that file.

My solution has tables for events, contacts and invitees (not all contacts are invited to attend every event)

Basically, where I'm stuck is on the need to track invitees by their response status (invited, not attending, maybe, attending etc) and across multiple events.

That would seem to imply some kind of dual find, or a calc field (If event = event1 and if (response status = attending), 1, 0) etc... but that all seems rather clunky.

I'm sure someone has been here before and has a more elegant approach....

I want to be able to update individual contacts' and invitees' records, and list each event's numbers at each status stage.