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    Event management starter solution - changing Reports



      Event management starter solution - changing Reports




      I am trying to use the event management starter solution to track people coming to an event.

      I have everything working good except the reports.

      I have not modified the table Relationships and do not see how the event table is linked to the contacts table.

      I need a report that shows each event and list the names of those coming to that event.
      The report "Event List Report" that already exist only list the events.
      I have tried to modify this report and create new reports, but can only get the events to list with only the first person in that event listed, it will not show all the persons in each event.

      I see that the table "Events_Contacts" somehow links the Events table to Contacts table, but can not understand how it works.
      I am using FileMaker Pro 11.

      Can you help.

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          You can create a calculation in Events (set the calculation result to text):

          Substitute ( List ( Events_EventsContacts_Contacts::Name_Full ) ; ¶ ; ", " )

          ... this will produce a calculation like:  Bill Smith, David Nelson, Nancy Wilson.  Then place this calculation in your Events report.  Make it large enough to hold the maximum number of people inside and then select all fields in that parat and then Inspector > Position > Sliding & Visibility, check 'slide up based on all objects' and also check 'reduce resize enclosing part' which is misnomer because it cannot resize - only reduce. 

          That being said, your report should really be based upon the join table Events_EventsContacts because it contains one record for every event/contact combination.  You would create the report with a leading part based upon EventID, sort the report by EventID and the body of the report will be the ContactID (although you do not need to display it - place fields from Events_EventsContacts_Contacts directly onto the body of the report.

          UPDATED:  If you would like an example of the report, I can provide one.  :-)

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            Well, here is an example.  I added a button at the top of the Record Detail Events layout (where file opens).


            It goes to the join table, sorts the records by Event, and displays a grouped report.

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              Thanks very much, this works.

              I had already created a calculated field and could see the correct number in a summary, but did not know about the setting the Text.

              The book I am using, "FileMaker Pro 10 The Missing Manual" by Susan Prosser & Geoff Coffey did not cover the Text part.

              Even thou I had this calculcated field, I still needed your example to get things to work.

              Thanks, your response was a lot quicker than I had expected, excellent work on following up with example even without feed back. 

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                 LaRetta, I keep seeing a box that ask how long I have been using FileMaker Pro?

                I could not find a way to respond, so I will post it here.

                I am a retired FoxPro/Access programmer, retired in 2008.

                A friend asked me if I could help them, they being the Nursing School at UT Austin and they were using FileMaker Pro.

                I had never used or seen FileMaker Pro before, but it only took me 2 hours to interview the user, see the FileMaker product and decide to use the "Event management Starter Solution".  It did everything they needed except they needed more fields and reports.  I had no problem adding 20 fields in the Contacts Layout/Tables (took 3 hours to add & format them) but the reporting stumped me and I have been trying to get reports to work for two weeks now.

                I was glad to find your forum and can see you all provide excellent service.

                It stumps me that the Starter Solution did not have a report that listed the contacts in each event, it just seems to me that would have been something basic everyone using this solution would want to have and print out.

                Again Thanks for your help and I find FileMaker Pro a very easy and good solution for data management, lots better than Access, and I will recommend it in the future.