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Event management starter solution - changing Reports

Question asked by MikeDartez on Dec 10, 2011
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Event management starter solution - changing Reports




I am trying to use the event management starter solution to track people coming to an event.

I have everything working good except the reports.

I have not modified the table Relationships and do not see how the event table is linked to the contacts table.

I need a report that shows each event and list the names of those coming to that event.
The report "Event List Report" that already exist only list the events.
I have tried to modify this report and create new reports, but can only get the events to list with only the first person in that event listed, it will not show all the persons in each event.

I see that the table "Events_Contacts" somehow links the Events table to Contacts table, but can not understand how it works.
I am using FileMaker Pro 11.

Can you help.