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Question asked by KelvinPhillips on Jul 18, 2011
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Events Schedule & List


Hi all,

I am trying to design a contact management system for our company and have been watching hours and hours of training videos.

Is it easy or has anybody set up a Events system?

We are a commercial catering equipment supplier and have a cooking demonstration kitchen at our factory, this happends twice a month but i would like to set these up on the system and then associate customers to these events.

It should start with a way of inviting x number to an event and then link them to it, from this we will follow up with phone calls seeing if they wish to attend and then finally the final call to see the attendees, this will start from approx 90 invites down to 12 people actually attening, from the results a comments box against each for things like, (can't make this one, invite to next), too busy, not interested etc. and then reinvite from here or convert to opportunity/requires some for of quote.

Is this easy to do?

Thanks In advance

Kelvin P