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everything work fine last year but now????

Question asked by GaryCyr on Jan 16, 2012
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everything work fine last year but now????


everything work fine last year, but now for some odd reason. i'm building a simple database dealing snow plowing and snow removing (public works type stuff) anyway....the database works this way u enter x number of plowing then when its time to remove it u click on a button it's switches layout then u start removing.  but i can be removing snow for many work shift and can change foreman at the same time.  my problem is this (hope this make sense) for some reason when i start my removal and change work shift i loose my data from the previous shift everything seem to revert to the a single foreman and a single date.....this didn't happen last year everything work fine but now?  i didn't change anything in my database all date are formatted the same.


i'm lost with this i`m beginner


Ps it weird because it only happen when i switch year