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Evil Phantom Records

Question asked by UnityAdmin on Sep 9, 2011
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Evil Phantom Records


Hi FileMaker folks -

I'm using FM11.4 in a cross-platform environment, my databases hosted via FMS10.3.  A few times over the last year, I have seen a phenomenon in my solutions where a record or records appear showing the "bad data type" symbol (?) in all fields.  These records can't be edited and seem to float around randomly when sorted.  They count in the found set.  I can delete them.  Sometimes, they reappear the next time the database is opened, usually they don't.  Worst case (until now), I can shut down FMS, open the solution locally, delete the offending record, then save a compressed copy, substitute it for the original database and problem solved.  Now, however, one of those records has survived this fix.

I worry, of course, that it's a symptom of corruption.  I know what to do about that, but I am hoping someone else has seen this behavior and has some wisdom on the issue.

Thanks very much in advance for any help or discussion -