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Exact Find script

Question asked by benkryton on Dec 6, 2010
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Exact Find script



I have a find script (and a few other steps) that seems to work ok except I need to make it an exact find instead. Can anyone tell me how to modify it so that the search is only for the exact word (part number). I have read that "=" means exact word but I don't know where or how to add it???

My script is:

go to layout ["stock control"]

enter find mode []/pause off

set field [stock control::part number;stock control::search]

set error capture [on]

perform find[]

if [get (foundcount) = 0]

new record/request

set field [stock control::part number;stock control::search]

setfield [stock control::quantity;stock control::quantity +1]


set field [stock control::quantity;stock control::quantity +1]

end if

As I said the script seems to work ok but if I have a part # like 123456 and do a earch for 123 it finds 123456. I dont want it to.