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Exact match

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Nov 6, 2014
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Exact match


I have several hundred vendors. I want to make sure i get the exact one. I copied and pasted the name from my vendor file.

Will this script step give me USF Reddaway for example if I have USF Reddaway and Bob Reddaway trucking? 

If i'm doing a found set i put =USF Reddaway and i only get USF Reddaway....

Case (
             $carrier = "FEDEX PRIORITY" ; "FXFE";
             $carrier = "FEDEX ECONOMY"; "FXFE";
             $carrier = "YRC" ; "RDWY";
             $carrier = "ESTES EXPRESS LINES" ; "EXLA";
             $carrier = "USF REDDAWAY" ; "RETL"