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    Exact match



      Exact match


      I have several hundred vendors. I want to make sure i get the exact one. I copied and pasted the name from my vendor file.

      Will this script step give me USF Reddaway for example if I have USF Reddaway and Bob Reddaway trucking? 

      If i'm doing a found set i put =USF Reddaway and i only get USF Reddaway....

      Case (
                   $carrier = "FEDEX PRIORITY" ; "FXFE";
                   $carrier = "FEDEX ECONOMY"; "FXFE";
                   $carrier = "YRC" ; "RDWY";
                   $carrier = "ESTES EXPRESS LINES" ; "EXLA";
                   $carrier = "USF REDDAWAY" ; "RETL"

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          What you posted is not a script, but a calculation.

          It will return "RETL" for USF Reddaway, but returns null for "Bob Reddaway trucking".

          This looks like data that might be better handled with a look up table of carrier names and associated acronyms. Then, adding/removing/modifying data becomes a data entry task on that table (no FMP developer needed) instead of a design change to the calculation (developer needed).

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            Thats a great point.

            Thank you