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Exceeds maximum number of licensed users

Question asked by DennisEarly on Jan 23, 2011


Exceeds maximum number of licensed users


FMP 9 Mac w/ 5 user license Mac 10.6.5. several months ago upgraded 1 computer on network. Had to re-register FMP but no problem. Last month another computer crashed and had to replace from ground up (no BU - just a work station). Had to contact FileMaker to get an upgraded serial #. Seemed ok. Now those 2 computers cannot get into 2 specific files on network. Not using server but 1 computer holds all files and runs 24/7. Each time these two computers need to open these two additional files both get the message above and FMP quits. There is a script that opens 6 files without problem but when these 2 computers try and open the other files the message appears. The other 2 computers have no problem with files in question. I added those 2 problem files to the open script on 2 problem computers and the message appears when it tries to open them using the script. Have shut down the whole network and restarted from scratch - same results. Right now these files are being accessed from the serving computer but this is awkward. Any ideas for a resolution?