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      Excel & Container Fields




      I have linked a excel file, which has 12 sheets (one for each month) via a container field which allows me to edit the file and see the data in filemaker. The 2 area's i cannot get it to do is either:


      show exactly the view that the file has been saved as (eg: halfway along the month) or to view all the relevant columns.


      i have 1 column per day (so 31 per month) and i cannot get the container to show more than 10 columns or to stay on the specific columns i need after editing.


      any ideas?

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          Thank you for your post.


          If you saved the file as a reference, then the file should open in Excel.  You can then make the changes, quit out of Excel, and return to FileMaker Pro.


          If you are seeing the data in FileMaker, then is it linked as a file?  A picture?  I'll need additional information.



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