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Excel 2007 (xlsx extension) text data in FileMaker Pro 11 is truncated

Question asked by StevenGardella on Feb 4, 2011
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Excel 2007 (xlsx extension) text data in FileMaker Pro 11 is truncated


I have some text heavy databases, I made using MS Access 2007, for reference use in the field.  The majority of the Access fields, if not all, are set to contain Sans Serif plain text (vs. rich text) format. (If memory serves me correctly, there was a limitation of some sort in Access when if I used the rich text format in text data fields.)  My goal is to be able to get these reference databases into a program that can easily be used, or converted for use, in a smartphone such as a Blackberry, iPhone, or Droid X.  I learned of FM and decided to give it a try hoping there is an app, for whichever phone I opt to use, that will work with FM 11.  (In my experience, albeit limited, there is virtually nothing EASY about using Access files on Smartphones.)  I am using my Mac laptop on which I've installed a Parallels Desktop virtual machine running Vista Home Premium to run my MS Office suite.  I have also downloaded and installed the Mac (trial) version of FM 11.

I've exported one of my Access 2007 databases to Excel 2007 format (extension .xlsx) and imported it into a new FM database file. When I open a record that contains some fields with large amounts of text (I'm talking paragraphs) the text in those heavily populated fields is truncated.  

Which of the supported export formats, if any, will allow all the text to appear in FM 11 db fields?  Hopefully Access is capable of generating such a format.

Thanks in advance,

Steve Gardella