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    excel = function in filemaker



      excel = function in filemaker


           I'm very new to filemaker. I'm trying to utilize the program to help me figure out recipie organization. What i'm looking to use is the = function from excel. I want one "cell" in one record to equal the same from a record from a different table. Am i totally off? Do I need to manually enter the infromation then add a script to have it change both records as one is entered? is it a get function?

           any thoughts/questions are welcomed. sorry this is very elementary

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               So elementary that a more complete description of what you are trying to do would be helpful. wink

               What you are describing would appear to be a relationship where you link one table to another by a pair of match fields. As an example you can use one table where you have one record for each recipe and where you would have a field for the name of the recipe and a text field for the cooking directions. Then you would set up a related ingredients table where you would list each ingredient and the quantities required for that recipe. A portal to this ingredients table would then allow you to add/list as many ingredients as you need for a given recipe by adding new ingredient records in the portal.