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Excel and PDF Export/Import

Question asked by AndrewFoo on Nov 16, 2010
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Excel and PDF Export/Import


I'm currently working on a database that will allow my office to move to paperless student hiring.

We currently have 11 sheets for students to fill out and read (health, taxes, etc)

The goal is to have a 100% paperless solution, we hope to get approval to use computers or ipads to be the medium for filling out this information.

Is there a way to create a database (iPad/computer solution will use either the iPad app or filemaker server) that will display each of these forms in PDF format, allow them to fill out the pdf, have filemaker store these PDF's as attachments to their records which are then created by pulling information off of these PDF's?

Then in addition to that have the database auto-create an excel file from a template (attendance files) that is linked to each record.