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Excel Count Function

Question asked by NickLawrence on Mar 14, 2014
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Excel Count Function


     Hi all,


     I’ve revisited this question as I’m not sure I explained it too well previously and I didn’t want to start another thread with a similar question.


     What I am trying to do is a simple Count function as in Excel, I’ve scanned the forum and this does seem to be an ongoing question with people with various solutions but I have tried these and they’re not quite doing what I need as they seem to rely on a sort order and I can’t do that as I have already got them sorted in a particular way.


     This is the layout in Excel that I’m trying to reproduce and is what I want to recreate in FileMaker



     This section is the count summary



     And this is the main count




     I’ve already created this in FMPro  and it is doing what I need it to do apart from the bit at the bottom which the feeder to the above table.


     I know that FMPro is not Excel and as such may not always be able to do what Excel does, but I thought I may be able to get the results I need with a combination of scripts, summary fields and Validation.


     Any help will be greatly appreciated even if it is to say it can’t be done at present.


     Many thanks