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    Excel date conversion


      Excel date conversion


      FMv.12 - I've imported an excel spreadsheet and have a column set as short date.  In FM, I added a column set as text and placed the "Month(fieldname) calculation.  I'm looking for the column to just return the word "Month" and all I get is a "?" in the first cell.

      Any idea why the column is not returning "January, February and so on... 



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          It's always a good idea to look up a function in FileMaker help if it doesn't produce the results you expected.

          Month returns the month number, 1, 2, 3, ... 12 of a date in a field of type date. I would guess that you have imported your date into a text field instead of a field of type date.

          The MonthName function will return the name of the month--once you have a date in a field of type date instead of text in a text field, but you probably do not need this funciton. Once you have a date in a date field, you can use data formatting on the inspector's data tab to specify a date format that includes the name of the month.

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            Sorry...I ment to type "MonthName".

            PhilModJunk, after reading your post, I figured it out.  Thanks.

            Problem was I had set the column field type to "text" instead of "calculation" and then used "text" as calculated result. 

            I'm still very new to FM and I am fighting my way through it.  Wink