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    Excel Export



      Excel Export


      Does anyone know of a method of creating multiple sheets in Excel while exporting data from filemaker and having the pertinent data from filemaker on the pertinent sheets in excel?

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          You could have a table that relates to another child table where the child table is only allowed to have a certain number of related records, like say, only 30. If you're viewing this related record as a portal then you simply give the portal only 30 lines and avoid giving the portal the vertical scroll bar. However, I've been wondering recently how the same can be achieved for related records created strictly by scripting. 


          You can also assign the related records of this child table to a Summary table so that the "pages" are grouped together. Of course how feasible this is has something to do with how many pages you'll have to assign. If its just a few it should be ok. If its thousands...  


          AppleScript can then be used to auto-format the Excel sheets assuming you have a standard layout for them that is different than the data layout as it was exported.

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               Thanks, i guess i'll need to find an AppleScript that does something similar that I can modify.