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Excel Export Issue

Question asked by cschul on Dec 16, 2014
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Excel Export Issue


I have been having some issues with exporting my database to excel from FileMaker Pro 12. Some files cannot be opened with excel. Excel just opens and crashes before the workbook shows up. I have reinstalled Excel and FileMaker. I have tried on three different computers, all with the same issue. On two different versions of Excel. I have double checked to make sure I'm exporting as an xlsx. Excel isn't having any issues opening up any other xlsx files that have not be produced by FileMaker. This leads me to believe its something that is happening in FileMaker. I can open up MySQL database exports without a problem. I have tried to export the information into smaller files. One of the files will not be able to open or all the information would be missing, or the text will be in numbers. This is consistent on all the computers I have tried this on.

What am I missing? Any suggestions would be appreciated.