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Excel Export, extension issues, saved as

Question asked by GrosvenorServices on May 16, 2012
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Excel Export, extension issues, saved as




I've been using this forum since i started working with Filemaker two years ago and its proved very valuable to me, but this is my first post.


I've not been able to find a solution anywhere on the net so my apologies if I'm digging up a previously-solved issue.


When I try to export some data from filemaker to Excel 95-2004 with the Filename, I get the following warning message "...the file you are opening is in a different format than specified by the file extension...". When I then click "Yes" open the file, the .yy is dropped off the filename but the data is displayed in Excel as normal. I can then save the file but am forced to put speechmarks around the filename.


If I add ".xls" to the filename before export, the issue is avoided.


Is the current year, i.e. .12, also an extension and hence causing my windows PC confusion?


I've tried a registry fixing program but this was to no avail. I have also tried upating Filemaker (Pro 11) and ran windows update.


It has (so far) only happened on two office PC's and only in the last few weeks.


I hope someone out that can help as my head is starting to hurt with this one. Even if it is a simple solution that has me kicking myself I'll be happy.