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    Excel Export, extension issues, saved as dd.mm.yy



      Excel Export, extension issues, saved as dd.mm.yy




      I've been using this forum since i started working with Filemaker two years ago and its proved very valuable to me, but this is my first post.


      I've not been able to find a solution anywhere on the net so my apologies if I'm digging up a previously-solved issue.


      When I try to export some data from filemaker to Excel 95-2004 with the Filename dd.mm.yy, I get the following warning message "...the file you are opening is in a different format than specified by the file extension...". When I then click "Yes" open the file, the .yy is dropped off the filename but the data is displayed in Excel as normal. I can then save the file but am forced to put speechmarks around the filename.


      If I add ".xls" to the filename before export, the issue is avoided.


      Is the current year, i.e. .12, also an extension and hence causing my windows PC confusion?


      I've tried a registry fixing program but this was to no avail. I have also tried upating Filemaker (Pro 11) and ran windows update.


      It has (so far) only happened on two office PC's and only in the last few weeks.


      I hope someone out that can help as my head is starting to hurt with this one. Even if it is a simple solution that has me kicking myself I'll be happy.



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          It's actually very simple - Windows will use everyting after the last period to define which application should launch the file.  It is nothing to do with the registry (as in: there is no need to change anything there).  As you are saving a file with a name that ends '.yy' or (.12) it is trying to open the file with the application nominated with the suffix '12' - and there isn't any.

          By the way, you could temporarily - and wrongly - appear to solve the problem by manually choosing to open the file with a right-click, and then selecting Excel, and then ticking to 'always open files of this extension with this application'.  That is NOT the way to do it, and you will have the same problem again when you name a file from 2011 or 2013.

          You have found your own answer - export the file and tag the end of the filename with .xls.  Note that some of the other PC users may have done that trick, so it will appear to work for them, for a while.

          I would recommend you use underscores in filepaths, btw, as a period would almost be an 'illegal' character, in that is has a special significance in a file name.

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             Hi Sorsbuster


            Thanks for the quick reply


            I see where you are coming from with windows trying to open the file with a nominated application. However, we've been saving files as dd.mm.yy for years without the need to put a .xls or speechmarks around the filename. My own PC allows me to do these Filemaker exports successfully, and many other users too, its just the two users having issues at the minute.


            I have informed them to add the .xls on manually - a quick and easy solution yes but they would rather not have to do this while the rest of the office don't have to.


            I'm relatively new to the company and they seem set in their ways in terms of the filename format, and suggesting a change to underscores might blow a few minds. We also have client requirements which means using a period might not be optional in some instances.


            Again, thank you for your reply, backs up my views of this forum and its users :)





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              How are you doing the export?  By script, by File -> Export Records, or File -> Save Records as...?

              I'm trying to see at what stage the extension is not being added automatically, or is being removed.

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                It's a button that performs the script action "Export Records". We use this button simply so the correct fields are selected and in the right order.

                The dialog pops up to allow the user to name the file and select its location. The file name is then entered e.g. 15.05.12 and save as type is chosen i.e. excel 95-2004 workbooks. The workbook is also chosen to open automatically in the Filemaker dialog.

                For everyone else, this will save the file as .xls and open as normal in excel.

                For the users with the problem, the aforementioned error message will show, allow them to open the file but displays the file name as 15.05, they can then save as from excel without any issues.

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                  In their folder settings, do some of them have 'Hide extensions for known file types' ticked, and some unticked?

                  (You could always take control of the file name in the script, and also the path, if you wanted.)

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                    I've looked and they had it checked. I tried checking/un-checking the "Hide extensions for known file types but still the same problem :(

                    If the problem becomes widespread, I'll suggest using the script to create the file automatically. At the minute though, we've quite a few of these buttons which would each need modifying (most of this stuff was created before my time at the company) and I think the users prefer control of where they're saving the files, even though 99% of the time its in the same folder and format.

                    Thanks again for your suggestions and prompt response