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    Excel file in container field disappears



      Excel file in container field disappears


      I just upgraded to Filemaker Pro 10 and tried to create a global container field, into which I inserted an Excel file, and selected the option "store only a reference to this file". However, each time I close the Filemaker database and re-open it, my Excel file is gone. I would appreciate any assistance in how to set this up so that it is saved in the database and appears when the database is opened.

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          Hello Carlad,


          Is the database being hosted by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server, or is the file local to your machine only?


          I ask this because the behavior of a global field is different when the file is hosted vs. when the file is local.

          If your file is shared, only the host's changes to global field data are saved. Changes are saved only when the file is closed (meaning the file is not being hosted by Pro or Server, and actually opened locally).


          If you are not hosting the file through Pro or Server, have you tried other file types to see if the same thing happens?




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               Thanks for the additional info. The database is hosted on Filemaker Server. Since that's the case, is there any way to link or embed the spreadsheet so that it can be opened, changed and saved by all users?
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              Howdy carlad,


              This has been a recurring question for a little while.  there are some options folks have come up with:


              1. if it's just a couple of fields, write a couple of "SetField" commands into your startup script to insert the values into the global field for all machines upon opening the application.  In your case, this value might be a pathname or file reference.


              2. If it's a value that's likely to change frequently (like a currency exchange rate, etc.) make a new table unrelated from everything and make a single record in it.  Store your "globals" there and have your other global fields become calculation fields that equal the "global Table" values.


              3. Write in and suggest to FMP through the suggestion board to code in both "local globals" and "global globals" in the next version.


              Hope this helps!