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Excel import into 2 tables

Question asked by TraceyLillis on Dec 3, 2011
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Excel import into 2 tables


I have researched the help files, online and still not getting how to do an import of data from Excel into 2 related tables.  My scripting experience is quite limited. 

Here is my situation (using FM Pro 11 Advanced).......

My DB has 2 tables.  Contacts and Checklists.  Relationship exists between them using a unique number.  A layout has been created ('Layout C') which contains contact information (from Table 'Contacts') and then 30 fields from another table 'Checklists'.  There is already existing records in this layout, however I also have a spreadsheet containing more than 1000 records on these contacts which I need to import. 

Because there is already existing data, I need to copy the data over from the spreadsheet and put this data into the existing 'checklist' table, not just have a relationship created.  I have seen some solutions mentioned using a temporary table and copying the data accross, however there was not details on scipting steps for this process.  If someone could help with this (in a step by step process please), it would be greatly appreciated.