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Excel Import Issue

Question asked by tifmulally on Jul 30, 2013
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Excel Import Issue



     I am attempting to import an excel spreadsheet into FM.

     The database I am importing into is for college student course information. The fields are First Name/ Last Name (which is found via student id and filed from a different table), student id, course id, etc. 

     The spreadsheet contains all of the information from those fields except the name fields. I had made a few copies of the database in case I screwed things up which I did. 

     My question is when I imported the sheet into the database, on one of the copy database files, ALL of the fields are populated- ie: the database will automatically populate the name fields but in the main non-copy database, the name fields are blank. All import setting are the same:

     Update matching fields (based in student ID and CourseID) and don't import first record (this is simply the heading row). Any thoughts on what might be causeing this error? I don't see any other differences between the two databases. Thanks!