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Excel Import Not Working As Expected

Question asked by disabled_morkus on Nov 7, 2011
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Excel Import Not Working As Expected



I drag an Excel spreadsheet to the FMP icon and click to import it, but instead of seeing the column headings and the data in columns, I see about one character per cell and the imported spreadsheet is a complete unusable (unrecognizable from the original spreadsheet) mess!

I've made sure that I click to tell FMP that the spreadhseet has column headings and to use those as the first row. I've also tried to remove the first row and then tell FMP that it should treat the first row as data. In all cases, I get a gibberish import.

The cells are wide in Excel and have a fair amount of text in them. They also don't completely display when you open Excel unless you drag the column to show all the text. However, with the import tools the FMP uses, it should be reading the cell "contents" not the visible portion shown in the Excel program.

Not sure what's wrong here. This is a standard .xls file (not an .xlsx flle).

Look forward to any suggestions.

- m