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Excel Importing the Header Row

Question asked by aammondd on May 7, 2010


Excel Importing the Header Row


We have an established Import script with a specified Import order but no specified File name.

The file has the field names in  the first row.


The script step is set to perform without dialog.


I cant seem  to find the rhyme or reason as to why it does or does not select the header row for import.


After performing the script once with the dialog and setting the dialog options to not import the header row it seems  to  work fine for a while even when I change it back to perform without dialog however when another use tries the same thing they get the header row imported.



I don't know if this is a cache problem a client setting or what


I've been told that if I were to specify a file name in the script the dialog settings would remain constant.



Any help would be appreciated


I've also run into it occasionally telling me that no fields selected for Import even though the particular sheet has data and this doesn't occur if I perform the script with the dialog on the same sheet. 


I dont know If I need to place this in the bug forum or what


Im running FMP Adv 10 on a database served with FM11 Server.