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    Excel importing?



      Excel importing?



      I need to import about 300 excel files into the database I built on the basis of the excelfiles. The excelfiles are pretty much the same, maybe three or four variants.

      I was hoping that I could define that Cell number C4:10 goes into field X of table Y etc and then just choose the files with that configuration, but I can't find this function?

      I tried to use a keylogger and do a Alt-Tab Copy-paste-macro, but it's not stable and also a very unsophisticated way to solve this.

      Any ideas?


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          When you import excel files into filemaker, filemaker expects each row to be a different record and each column to be mapped to a different field. You have control over which field in filemaker will recieve the imported data from a given column. You can also tell filemaker to ignore the first row as it often contains column headings.

          If your spreadsheet doesn't conform to that format, then you have two basic choices:

          1. Manipulate the spreadsheet prior to import--you can swap columns for rows or specify a sub-range to isolate a specific block of cells--to name just 2 examples. There are options for an xml import using an "XLST grammer" I believe that enable even more sophistication here if I understand some posts that I have read here.
          2. Import into an intermediary table and use a script to move the data from this table to it's final destination.
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            Chose the method of importing everything in to a new table and then using a script to extract the data.