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Excel List items for FMK 11

Question asked by gldiaz on Apr 21, 2011
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Excel List items for FMK 11


I have no clue. Hoping someone can help.

In Excel, I have about 10 different list, mosting inventory types, to my access.
They have inventory descriptions, Item numbers and location. 

I am clueless on how to setup FMK11 to call to my excel tables and fillin the FMK forms
with my needed items.
I really would like to avoid manually entering all 300+ items in value list.
Is there a easier way of calling the excel list, because I may need to change or update
items in the future.

So while in FMK, I would like to seek inventory items already built in Excel and paste only
the needed items into FMK.
Is this possible?

Hoping this gives enough info.

Tks in advance.