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Excel to File Maker conversion

Question asked by schmity on Sep 11, 2013
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Excel to File Maker conversion


     I've had a request to find a better solution to an excel spreadsheet we use to track parts ordered against work orders.

     I'm just not sure the best way to create it all together within file maker and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.  Im fairly new to File Maker still and databases


     Here's what I have right now:

     One master parts tracker excel spreadsheet.
     Each worksheet in the spreadsheet represents an individual work order.
     Each row on each worksheet represents a part that has been ordered.
     Each worksheet has up to 400 rows representing every part that is on order against that work order.

     When a new work order is created, they copy a blank master worksheet and use it for that work order.

     After the work order is closed, a copy is printed (or exported to pdf) and then deleted from the spreadsheet.

     My first question is what is the best way to set it up in file maker.  They use the worksheets for ease of viewing and not mixing work orders up. 

     Is there a way to do this so each record would represent a worksheet, then have the fields automatically created within that record as a part is ordered?  There are about 15 required fields for each part.  Or would it be better to have 1 database and each part be a record and have them use a sort function to view only that work order?

     thanks for any advice/insight you can give me.