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Excel to Filemaker Import — multiple value checkbox set

Question asked by MarcKeane on Mar 13, 2015
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Excel to Filemaker Import — multiple value checkbox set


I have an Excel spreadsheet of films I am trying to import into Filemaker Pro (version 11). I set up one field in FMP for every field in Excel and matched them in the import. Most of the Excel fields are simple text or numbers and those work fine.

One field, however, which is called Genres, has words from a specific set of about 15 possible genres (action, thriller, comedy, etc). I have set up a field in Filemaker also called Genres that has a checkbox set with the very same names. In some cases the Excel file has only one genre per line, and in some cases it has multiple genres per line. For instance, a film might be of the genre "action", or it could be an "action, thriller, comedy."

When I import the data, none of entries that have multiple data sets comes through at all and only a few of the ones that have single words come through. For some reason "western" and "action" come through (the first and last words in my value list) but none of the other single-genres, and also none of the multiple-genres, come through at all.

What could I be I doing wrong?