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Excelisys Portal Hierarchy and Sorting Techniques

Question asked by JamesBransom on Jun 23, 2011


Excelisys Portal Hierarchy and Sorting Techniques


I'm wondering if anyone here has considered (or, better yet, implemented) a combination of these two techniques for the capability of drag-and-drop sorting of records within the individual levels of the hierarchy.

My "Projects" solution would benefit greatly from an Excelisys-capable join table joining two occurances of the "Projects" table for a hierarchial representation of Projects and sub-projects and associated tasks (also a type of project). I would also like to have the the ability to change the sequence of projects and tasks within those levels though drag and drop.

I've studied the white papers on these two techniques and have a rudimentary understaning of what's going on but don't trust myself to begin tinkering without, at least, some guidance.  Could the sort value be positioned within the pathID of the hierarchy to accomplish this? Can this all be done with only one handle?  What complications might one expect?

I've just discovered. too, that a slight modification is required if the interface and data are in separate files which applies to my case.  I won't even pretent to understand what problems that presents.

I'd appreciate whatever insights the experienced readers of this forum might care to contribute. I'm not at all sure that this is something that a novice like me wants to tackle.