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    Exchange rate



      Exchange rate




      I'm new to creating databases and I need some help.


      I'm trying to create an exchange rate database. Basically it will convert U.S. dollars to Canadian. It will be an invoice where I will put the daily exchange rate in a field and have it convert the U.S. amount.


      So basically I set up a database where I put the exchange rate in a container and I have one field when I input the U.S. dollar amount and I have another field next to it that's a calculation that multiplies the container by the U.S. amount and gives me a total.


      The problem I have is that when I change the exchange rate, all the previous records change. How can I make it so that the previous records don't change when I change the number in the container.


      I hope I explained it well. Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

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             Put the exchange rate into a global field (if you are a single user) or into a one-record preferences table. In the Invoices table, define the Rate field to auto-enter or lookup the current  exchange rate.
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            Set it up so that this value is copied from your field into a different field referenced by the calculation each time you create a new record. We use this method on invoices so that price changes don't modify pre-existing invoices.


            We use the auto-enter lookup field option to do this. An auto-enter by calculation option might also work for you.

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                 Thank you for your answers. Sorry to sound really dumb, but how would I go about doing what you're suggesting.
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                Select File | Manage | Database | Fields


                Select your table and add a number field for the record's exchange rate.


                Double click this new field to bring up its field options.


                In the dialog that pops up is a tab labeled Auto-Enter


                You'll find you can specify a lookup, (requires a relationship linking two table occurrences)

                or a calculation.


                You may want to read up on these features in the help file.

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                     Thank you kindly