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exclude parent value from drop down

Question asked by Kaps_1 on May 11, 2014
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exclude parent value from drop down



     I am trying to set up a special sort of conditional value list. I have a table called product ingredient list:-

     * egg yolk

     * yeast

     * wheat

     * sour dough

     * white bread


     I then have a table called products - one of the fields is called product. Lets say that the current value of the product field  is called "sour dough". Then in a portal on the product table, called ingredients I want a drop down to have all the values of the product ingredient except sour dough appear. Likewise, if the product field was "white bread" the drop down would include all values from product ingredient except "white bread".

     I have created a relationship between the two tables as per the screenshot below.  thanks Kaps