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    exclude records from list view



      exclude records from list view


      I need to create a list view based on my job orders table. But I want to exclude records in which the job order status is "closed". In other words, I want my list view to show only open job orders from the job orders table. (And no, I do not want to do a simple find. I want a permanent list that is one of my layouts and can be accessed from the layout dropdown.)  How do I do that?  Is there a script I can use? As far as I can tell, creating a list view does not offer the option of excluding a record if a certain criterion is met. I am a very novice user of filemaker po 11, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Specifying the view has nothing to do with which records from the layout's table are part of the found set for that layout and are thus visible in the list.

          You'll need to perform a find for the records that are not closed.

          If you are using FileMaker 10 or 11, you can use a script trigger to perform A script that does this find every time the user selects the layout from the layout drop down.

          In FileMaker 11, you can enter layout mode, select Layout Setup... and select the script triggers tab to see a list of available script triggers for your version of Filemaker. OnLayoutEnter is the name of the trigger you'd use in FileMaker 11.