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    Excluding completed tasks from a report



      Excluding completed tasks from a report


      I am not experienced with database software, however have a simple question (I hope).

      We have made a rudimentary filemaker file for tracking construction work on various floors of a mid-rise building.  We have produced a grouped report where data is listed/sorted by floor and room location.  One of the fields is 'Completed.'   What is the easiest way (for a total FMP novice), to exclude completed work items from the grouped report?  Thank you, Scott

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          After you switch to the report layout and before you sort it, perform a find.  It can be simple:


          Set Error Capture [ On ]

          Perform Find [ Restore ]


          ... in the Specify Find Requests dialog, select NEW then select your field and in criteria, type Completed and ADD then above in the Action pop-up, select Omit then OK and OK to exit.


          You will be left with all records which are not yet completed.  Then continue your script with your sort, preview etc. :smileyhappy:

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            LaRetta, thank you so much for your knowlede on this, it worked.  One related question if I may; when I originally created the Layout, a script was automatically produced.  I copied that script and modified it using your description above.  When I select the Layout the original scrip runs.  How can I set this existing Layout to use the modified script with your added code?


            Thanks again, Scott

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              You said that it is when you select the layout that the script runs? If you are using FM10, then you may have a layout script trigger. Check the layout options in layout mode for that layout.


              If you are making it run via a button, then just change the script for the button in layout mode.