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ExecSQL charting to produce percentage values

Question asked by Stu412 on Aug 14, 2015


ExecSQL charting to produce percentage values


I'm tring to use the SQL statement below to generate a margin percentage but as I understand it, FM SQL doesn't allow you to query on aliased columns?  In this case, COST and INC are fields (columns) which are generated using a CASE statement, with the source field being called AMOUNT.  I cannot return any data using the query below, but if I simply change it to Select SUM(Amount) I get the grand total of the column.  I don't want that, just a couple of sub totals.


Let ([

CUST = Customer_Home::Cust_PK;
SQL = "Select (SUM(INC)-SUM(COST))/SUM(INC) from DataTable where

CustID_FK=? and
GroupID = ? and

ExecuteSQL(SQL;"";"";CUST;1;5) & "¶" &
ExecuteSQL(SQL;"";"";CUST;1;4) & "¶" &
ExecuteSQL(SQL;"";"";CUST;1;3) & "¶" &
ExecuteSQL(SQL;"";"";CUST;1;2) & "¶" &
ExecuteSQL(SQL;"";"";CUST;1;1) & "¶"