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ExecSQL struggle

Question asked by Stu412 on Apr 2, 2015
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ExecSQL struggle


Hi there

I'm struggling with an ExecSQL query at the moment which is frustrating as all my other queries in other areas are working fine.

I have some data I want to summarise and sum up by customer, and by year.  An example of the data on the table is:

CusID | Group | Value

1010 | 65 | 1000

1010 | 65 | 2000

1010 | 66 | 1400

1010 | 66 | 600

My query is this:

ExecuteSQL ("
Select Sum(Value) from ThisTable where 

Group=? and





All I'm getting is question marks at the moment which suggests some sort of error but I cannot find it.  

I would expect a result of 3000, and for 66, a result of 2000 for this particular customer.

The table I have this SQL on is joined to the customer table by the customerID, nothing else.

Any help appreciated.