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Execute a php script from WebDirect

Question asked by dparcheta on Feb 26, 2015
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Execute a php script from WebDirect



I have a team of developers who are trying to create an application where the user interacts with the database using only WebDirect layouts.  We don't want the user to have to move between a php page and WebDirect.

A critical method for collecting data in this application uses a php script that executes a set of api functions to retrieve several items of data.  Can anyone think of a way to pass the php script a single parameter and execute the php script from behind the scenes.  We want the user to enter the parameter in a WebDirect layout and, on commit, have everything else happen in the background in an automated way which the user will not need to see.  I can place the php file in the WebDirect directory or elsewhere or another approach would be to  store the php script in a field....  Looking for options.  Can anyone teach me a new trick?