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    Execute server side applescript from iOS



      Execute server side applescript from iOS


           Possible?  With perform script on server step?  Has anyone ever accomplished this?  I need help!  This is at the top of my wish list for Filemaker and Filemaker Go interaction.

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               Perform AppleScript is not server script compatible. You can verify this by selecting Server in the Compatibility drop down in the bottom left corner of the script editor.

               There is an older approach that should still work, but which may be of limited utility depending on what you need to see take place. A robot file could be opened on a FileMaker Pro client that uses a looping script or Install OnTimer script to periodically check the contents of the records in a table. When a new record appears in the table--a record created by the FM GO client, the robot file uses that data as input and performs an AppleScript.

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                 Hi Phil!  You seem to be the only one that has any input on this.  I was hoping, upon reading the new features list, that the "Perform Script on Server" step would address this.  It's frustrating for me that Filemaker is so incredibly robust, yet fails to offer a very simple feature that is found in Indigo Server by Perceptive Automation.  If I could combine the best of both worlds from these two companies, I would be in heaven!

                 I would love to be able to use a customized Filemaker Layout as a control surface for various automated tasks on my computer, i.e., stopping and starting iTunes, Spotify, opening and closing programs, files, etc.  I have searched the forums for two years waiting for this feature and I guess I'm just surprised that no one else has ever had that type of use in mind.