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Execute SQL

Question asked by SDS on May 13, 2009
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Execute SQL


Looking for some help re: Execute SQL script step FM10.


I have used this script step to write data to another application in previous versions of FM 7,8 &9. It has worked well before and I was able to construct an SQL calculation up to 30000 characters in length. I have recently upgraded to FM10 and now find I can only construct the calculation up to 3000 characters otherwise I get an ODBC error message which says (ODBC Error). I checked the Get(LastODBCError) but nothing was returned. Get(LastError) returns Error:4209 which seems to be a generic error message.


To wrap up if I open up the solution with FM9 and run the script with the Execute SQL script step all is good. When I open and run the same script in FM10 the write fails and the error message returned is (ODBC Error).


Q. Does anyone know what has changed with this script step in FM10?