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ExecuteSQL Distinct doesn't work at all

Question asked by snickwit on Aug 19, 2013
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ExecuteSQL Distinct doesn't work at all


     I’m trying to count unique value in a field using the Execute SQL Distinct command which seems to not work:
     I also found: but that doesn’t work either. MY report only shows ? in the field. I made file called “Contacts” and also made field called “LocationMap: and created the xDistinctLocations calculation (don’t save calculation option cleared):
     ExecuteSQL ("SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT LocationField) FROM Contacts" ; "" ; "")
     It calculated the first time that I have 3 unique values but then when I went to add another record and a new state still says 3 unique LocationMap. This seems very faulty and unreliable. I tried to create another script but it only shows ? in the field.
     I have listed for fun: Names and LocationMap:
     Smith          California
     Sanchez    California
     Smith          California
     Johnson     Texas
     Martin          New York
     Martin          New York
     Brooks        Florida
     This should show 4 unique States but to break it down further, I'd like to capture: count of unique names per state:
     2 Unique Names for California, 1 Unique for Texas and 1 Unique for New York and 1 unique name for Florida. I realize this might require that I concatonate the name & maplocation in order to use for the ExecuteSQL calculation but I'm hesistant to proceed until I can just get the first script to work properly just looking at states and following the examples posted.
     What am I missing or is this only for running one time? I want to use in subsummary report when I sort it out. I’m trying to use this to fix an existing report I’m working on. Otherwise, is there a bug in this Execute Distinct command?
     Thanks much!