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ExecuteSQL local vs remote

Question asked by cresal on Oct 9, 2013
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ExecuteSQL local vs remote


     So I've come across a problem and I'm stumped. I have two versions of my database - one on my local machine, and one hosted on the server with FMS. The one on the server is a copy of the local one, made last night. While the network was down this morning I was futzing with a broken ExecuteSQL script step and got it functioning. So when our network came back up and I had access to the hosted version I went in to the broken script and replaced the executeSQL step with the functioning one. Copy, paste. But it didn't work. I checked many many ways to make sure the two scripts were exactly the same. I tried importing the whole script directly. Tried copy and paste both individual steps and the whole script. I checked to make sure there were no global variables being used that might be different. Everything is exactly the same. But it works on the local version and not the hosted one. 

     tldr: Does the ExecuteSQL script step work differently if the database is accessed locally vs remotely?