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ExecuteSql on single value checkbox

Question asked by JasonO'Berry on Apr 14, 2013
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ExecuteSql on single value checkbox


     Hi, I'm trying to figure out why I cant get an ExecuteSql function to work on a single value checkbox field.

     I'm tracking photography edition sales, and sometimes the photographer decides to retire a print before it is sold out. So I want to be able to filter the values that are allowed on invoices by either being sold out or being retired.

     I have the value list working correctly thanks to some methods suggested by PhilModJunk by using ExecuteSql Select. I wanted to expand the method by adding a checkbox field  of with the value "Retired" on my prints table but cannot get it to show the correct values and most of the time it removes all values entirely, If the checkbox if unchecked the I would expect my ExecuteSql Select function of :

     List ("xxx";
     ExecuteSQL (

     "Select pk_printID
     WHERE c_soldOut = ?
     AND retired   <>   ?"

     ; ""; ¶ ;0;"Retired"))


     to work but it does not. I have tried with and without "Do Not Evalutate if reference fields are empty" checkbox on, but still cannot get the values I want. Is there something I am missing here referring to ExecuteSql and checkboxes. Thanks for any input.