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ExecuteSQL parameters, format and speed

Question asked by Emmanuel on Sep 26, 2012
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ExecuteSQL parameters, format and speed



     I am now working on Filemaker 12 to deploy a dashboard including charts with an "ExecuteSQL"  solution. I am facing some sql language limitations.

     1) Is it possible to have flexible "SELECT" that is having either case or if function within the query?

                 ex: SELECT Case (radiobutton choice 1; "x"; radiobutton choice 2; "y") FROM (...)


                 ex: Case (radiobutton choice 1; SELECT "x"; radiobutton choice 2; SELECT "y") FROM (...)


     2) In the same way, can we make the dynamic parameters of the query so that includes some Case or if calculations?


     3) How to choose the format of the result? The results are given with 3 decimals when the calculations are based on currency.


     4) How can I generate a top list of 10 result from a query when sorted?


     5) When SELECT gets 2 fields (let's say customer name and sum of sales) and given a "field seperator" as a tab (Char (9)), how can I make the second result allign on the rigth?


     Thank you