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ExecuteSQL value list appears blank

Question asked by JosephMauriello on Aug 31, 2014
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ExecuteSQL value list appears blank


I've got a filtered value list that is being used to populate a foreign key. It's filtered thanks to a relationship between a table occurrence of the source table's Primary Key and an ExecuteSQL calculation in the related table (See attached image).

This is what I have in the filtering calculation field:

ExecuteSQL ( "
SELECT \"Kp_GroupID\" FROM Group 
WHERE NameActiveList = 'Yes'" ; "" ; ¶  )

The problem: If I attempt to use the value list with a record that already has the value it works perfectly. However, if I attempt to use it with a new record the value list appear blank. It works fine if I enter a value (any value) into the pk field in the layout. 

What is going wrong?