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Exit on Last

Question asked by TKnTexas on Oct 27, 2009
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Exit on Last


I have script that needs to go through a found set of records, evaluating and performing an action.  Currently I freeze the window at the beginning of the loop and upon completion I do a refresh.  With or without these two script steps I have a problem. 


The loop evaluates the records correctly (and quickly with windows frozen).  However, it continues to run at the end of the records.  Reading the script it clearly shows the EXIT AFTER LAST.  Because I can see the "slider" on the right hand move down as records are evaluated I can judge when to hit escape.  At that point the window does a refresh.  


I have broken the whole process of importing text files (2 files) into about 12 steps, that are executed manually.  I have trouble shooted it and all modules work flawlessly except for this one aspect.  Any suggestions?