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Exit Script and Halt Scrript

Question asked by fdomingues on Dec 31, 2011
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Exit Script and Halt Scrript


File Maker 11 Pro on Windows XP

Have a couple of fields with modifications controled by two scripts:

1) Script "CheckIn", triggered by entering the controled field, sets a "token field" to the current value of the controled field, unless this is empty.

2) Script "CheckOut", triggered when validating the controled field, compares the new value of controled field with value in "TokenField". If they arte the same the script is stoped (Halt Script). If they are different the operator has a choice of comfirming the change (Halt Script) or revert the record to the initial value.


This works OK with all the fields except for a date field, "Initial_Date".

If the field contents equals the"Token Field" or when the operator wants to confirm the changes, situations where de "Halt Script" step should stop the script, the cursor just freezes on the date field and won´t move unless a change in the value is made.

The problem is solved when I replace de Halt Script steps for Exit Script, what comes as a surprise to me.

Note: there is a "Final_Date" field with a calculation based on the elapsed working days from the "Initial_Date". Could this have some influence?

Thank you