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Exit Script upon Closing Current Window

Question asked by NicoleCiemniak on Jul 22, 2014
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Exit Script upon Closing Current Window


     Is it possible to exit a script upon closing the current window? This appears to be similar to the issue another person was having with exiting a script upon clicking cancel but can't be solved with the same solution.

     What I’m trying to do:
     I have a script that opens up a different layout in a new window, pauses the script to allow the use to look at the layout, and upon pressing continue, opens the “Print” dialogue box. It would be useful to allow the user to exit the script upon exiting the new window if they decide they do not want to continue and print. At the moment, when the user exits the window, the script is still paused, and it must be manually told to exit.

     I couldn’t find any commands within the script options that allowed for something like this, but I figured I’d ask the omniscient Filemaker forum people before giving up!